NUS CSC: Chen Su Lan

Welcome Back Everyone!!!

Posted on: February 10, 2010

A new term has started, and I am glad to say welcome back to all children in the home and students in CSL.

When I stepped into the hall in the first tutoring session, I first thing I saw was my tutee running towards me, holding my hands and walked together to the table, while telling me that she missed me a lot during the holidays. During that moment, I felt not only I warned her heart by being her tutor, her volunteer, but also she warmed my heart so much at the same time. Although she did not really like to study, did not really listen to me sometimes, I felt that whatever I have done for her is worth for it, to both of her and me.

When I met her in my first tutoring session in CSL, she told me that she was new in the home. She was very defensive, kept herself in her own world, did not talk to any other child there, even did not talk to me no matter how hard I have tried to console her, to catch her attention. However, now, I am very pleased to see her playing with friends although it was during tutoring time, shared with us the interesting things happened around her, shared her happiness and sadness.

I am looking forward of even greater changes in her in this semester. Hope she would enjoy herself in the home, in school and even with me during the tutoring time every week.

-Yan Hao-


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