NUS CSC: Chen Su Lan

Happy 2 be back!!

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Hi guys! I’m back and staying for good!~ XD

Well, let me start my not-so-sabohed-post with this. This is my second week back in Singapore and I noticed many things had changed since the 5 months I wasn’t around. Science Faculty had a new dentistry building, YIH looks different and even the colour of my block changed. But one thing remained the same; that is my kid at CSL. Well, her hair did grow longer, besides that, everything about her was pretty much the same as before I left on my SEP. And today, on my way to CSL, I was still wondering if my kid remembers who I am. I mean, I was gone for 5 months and I don’t think she’s that good at remembering names of people. The first few times we met, she kept forgetting my name and who I was. However, today, when her sister saw me, she immediately recognised who I was and even called out my name. I was really happy! After that, when I was done with the tutoring, I went down to the canteen and saw my kid. The wide smile on her face when she saw me more than enough tells me that she remembers me. 😀 I must confess, it really feels good to be back in CSL again, teaching her or any other kid. Though, CSL is really far away from where I stay, the endearing kids all but makes up for it. XD

-Hui Ling-


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