NUS CSC: Chen Su Lan

A brand new experience=)

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Hi everyone:D.

I volunteered to write the blog entry for last week’s visit because I have gained a different perspective about tutoring the kid in CSL since the new year.

When I first joined CSL, I thought that my main aim was to interact with the kids and befriend with them. Teaching does not occur to be the priority to me. As a result of my “over-friendliness”, my kid didn’t do her work properly despite my repeated reminders. It was Jiejie Nancy’s briefing a few weeks ago that made me realize that my job should be to make sure that my kid really learn something from the tuition.

So I decided to be stricter with my kid and make her concentrate when she was about to talk about other staff or walk around to find other kids to play with during the 1-h tuition . Though I can see that she wasn’t very happy about it, both of us felt a slight sense of achievement at the end of the tuition session. I am sure we are going to improve further in future visits.

I do admit that sometimes the long travelling time to CSL “intimidates” me a little (I am staying in campus) especially after a long day of school. But I believe that everything that was started should be ended properly(有始有终in Chinese:D). I am responsible for my kid so there is no excuse for me to not going for visits without valid reason. Plus, it really warms my heart when my kid  cries out “oh my volunteer is here!” every time I go to CSL.

Hope everyone else is having a great time with CSL:D


Guo Si


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