NUS CSC: Chen Su Lan

Thank U!

Posted on: November 9, 2009

As Jerome has writen in his post below, CSL mentoring has ENDED officially for this sem!!

Just a word of thanks to all:

Thank you

~Thank YOu everyone for putting in your time and effort to tutor the kids. We really hope you’ve enjoyed it all, and hopefully your efforts have really made a difference in their lives=)~

On a side note:

I think the last 2 sessions were pretty disappointing for alot of us, cos alot of our kids were not there. Well, after all… who wants to study and face a bunch of boring Kor Kors and Zair Zairs after the exams??

BUT fret not, cos we will still get to play with them during our annual christmasCHRISTMAS celebrations!! yep!! Details will be annouced soon via this blog and via sms, so stay tuned!

And Oh yes, Good Luck for your exams and get lots of As!!=D


P.S. I know the blog looks rather plain and stuff, but no worries, I’ll try to revamp it when my exams are over!


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