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This is my first semester joining CSL and also my first time tutoring a kid. I’ve never done it before. So at first I felt kinda nervous and don’t know what to do with my kid, a cute and little naughty girl, especially when she made fun of my poor English after she found I couldn’t understand her sentence or words. I can only smile and look at her laughing and sharing this with another volunteer and her friend. After that, my comprehension skills gradually improved, I can understand more of her words. Felt proud of this :).

Usually I help her in her English, math and Chinese homework. She is always very enthusiastic showing me her new drawing or her new pen that can draw kinda shiny line each time when I get there. Most of the time she looks very cheerful and hyperactive, so it’s a little hard getting her attention back to homework once she starts playing with the pen or sharing with me the funny things she encountered that week. But I find once the staff who is in charge of her at CSL stare at her, she will soon get down to doing her homework and even hastened me to read out the following word in her ‘listening and writing’ exercise. It’s very cute and makes me think of my primary school days. I think it’s the same for most people to have a little fear of our teachers when we were kids. 😉

In short, I find my experience at CSL a very happy, meaningful and also rewarding experience—this Wednesday I went to CSL with a very tired body, but I found myself energetic once again on my way back.  I think a happy experience can really always cheer people up. =)

-Rui Zhao-


Hum..actually the past few times that I’ve been at the home, Im starting to think their enthusiasm and cheerfulness is super infectious! Last week, while I was looking for the toilet somewhere near the canteen (eh well okay.. the truth was I was trying to check out their dinner, cos it smelt soO nice and my stomach was grumbling), one little girl ran up to me and smiled a big bo-gay-ed smile and said “hallo kofkof!” (that was what I heard!) Initially I didn’t know how to react, I mean how often do kids on the streets come up to you to say that?? So I was staring blankly at her and she thought I was hard of hearing or something, so out came the bo-gay-ed laughter and happily asked if I was lost!

What a refreshing change from our (um.. at least mine are) impossibly old, with beards practically scrapping the LT floors, mono tonal speaking Profs.. right? Suddenly, shades of rainbow brightens the world up around me, and everything impossible looks possible. Okay i was exaggerating, but the first part is true.

On hindsight, I thought it was really so admirable that they could keep up such high spirits with not a care in the world, as though their world revolved snugly within the four walls of the compound. Away from the cold harsh world outside. Sometimes I wonder, could I ever be as strong as them if I were in their shoes many years ago? Could I ever relish and be satisfied with the simple friendships and with what simple necessities the home could provide? Perhaps I would never know the answer, but I could put my heart into enjoying what little time I have with the kids.

Anyway, everyone’s post seem bent on showing off the kid they are teaching, on how good they are, so I feel obliged to show mine off  to, so there. Um how to start? Oh yes, before I forget to mention it, my kid is a super duper imaginative kid. He has always got the latest and zaniest  story to tell me. One day it might be about aliens zapping his teacher, another might be about monsters eating the volunteers. Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, he meant us. It was pretty entertaining, especially since I got a dark secret to tell..Ohh yes, I was just like him many years ago, I would bore people (the adults of course) to death with my stories. So it kinda reminded me of myself light years ago.

But here lies the problem, he refuses to do any work until he finishes his story which is on average about an hour long! So i gotta batter trade with him, for every 2 qs he does, he can talk about anything for 5 mins. Needless to say, it was a good deal, after all, there are probably not many people like me who are so willing to listen to his stories. And so all’s well it ends well, we both met our goals!

Uh oh..It looks like my post is a little too long, so I’ll end right here. To save you the agony of reading any more of my rumbling.yepx so bye~=D.

-ho zong-