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“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

Volunteering in Chen Su Lan is definitely a different experience. At the start of my csl experience, I always wondered on what exactly is the reason I volunteer there. It always seem that every week, I’m just there to sit down there and look at them do their work. Sometimes they didn’t even had their work done properly in the end as they only regard you as a volunteer and do not listen to you and keep running around or disturbing other kids. It sometimes really make me pondered of the reason I’m there. Maybe it was just me not knowing how to interact with the kids I teaching?

However, I really feel very satisfied and happy from the last visit. Part of the reason being my kid asking xx to ask me why I was not there yet as I was late that night. Part of the reason being my kid asking me whether I’ll be coming next wed. Part of the reason being my kid despite always using going to the toilet as an excuse for not doing more work, he is a really nice kid. Part of the reason…part of the reason…part of the reason…I’m sure most of the CSL volunteers will feel the same way as me. Depsite our kids being naughty or not doing their work or short attention span, they always managed to bring a smile to our face:)

Sometimes it’s really not about being there to make sure they finished up all their work, sometimes it’s just the process that really counts. The process that they enjoyed having tuition with the volunteers….

Just the quote below, I’m sure many of the kids there leave a footprints in our hearts:)

“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.”



Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home tuition session has restarted. A lot of events has happened even before the start of CSL service. For example, the CSL Family Day which took place in June 21st. The event was held at Hortpark and as usual, everyone had lots and lots of fun. Although the weather was super hot, the kids and their family carried on running around, solving puzzles and playing games. I believe all of us enjoyed the catered food most! Ha..

Then, we also had our Anti-Bullying skit two weeks ago. Although we rushed out a short skit in a very short time, everything still went on smoothly. Again, I was touched by the volunteers who offered their help. The whole program would not succeed if volunteers did not come down. I believe that the bond among our volunteers is strong. We are always there to help one another.

I would like to thank everyone who celebrated my birthday. Thank you. I truly appreciates it. As promised I will upload the photos… =) Here =)

The birthday cake

The birthday cake


CSL Family Photos!

CSL Family Photos!