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Before I start, just wanna apologise first. I was suppose to blog like 2 weeks ago? Yea. And also pardon me if the language is no good(see!) and the content is boring(already is right?). Ok I should get on with it.

This is my second stint teaching the kids here in CSL. Overall, I’ve truly enjoyed the time I had with the kids. I have taught the really good ones and also the really really difficult ones. However, at the end of the day, I just hope I was able to provide them with some valuable lessons that they can use in the future.

Anyway, the kid I’m currently teaching now kinda had some sort of similiarities when I was a kid. How he aspires to do many things, how he idolises the cartoons he watch and how he shares his favourite things with the people around him. That reminded me how its sooo fun to be kid. I’m just sad kids in Singapore are being tied down with the importance of studies. But looking at the kids in CSL, I feel they do get their share of playing around and enjoying the things kids should be doing. Yay!

Each week I go down to CSL makes me feel like a kid again. Just heck care what the world thinks and do what you like. Haha. No matter how havoc and uncontrollable and irritating they can get(I’m sure we were just as havoc and uncontrollable and irritating), they put joy and laughter into our lives. Can’t wait for future events(non tuition) with those kids again. And no, I wont be distributing breads again.