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Yep, it has become my turn to blog. Well, I would say that my volunteering experience has been rather fulfilling except for the part about the changing of kids. I had my kids changed for 2 times!!! (which makes it 3 kids in less than one semester.) I actually wanted to tutor a girl but I got all boys! Well, I guess that’s just fate. But I learn a lot, especially during the vols appreciation day. Initially, I often wonder why we cannot give sweets to the kids and now, I know that some kids are hyperactive and are not supposed to have too much intake of sugar. And also, my tutoring has not been quite smooth for some times. For instance, there was once my previous kid actually spitted on my shoe but I know that he did not mean it. He just sort of finds it fun and was extra hyper that day. Well, mixed feelings, angry yet sympathetic towards him. And there was also once my current kid did not believe that I did not erase his work. Took quite a long time to pacify him. Ha ha, but overall, it is satisfying to see my kid improves in his time tables(math) and how he always looks forward to the next tuition.



It’s March holiday! I believe to many of us this may sound very distant as we are all in the midst of rushing for deadlines, mugging for tests and so on. However, for the kids in CSL, it is a special week as they do not need to go to school and can finally take a break.

Since it is such a special week for them, of course they have to do something special too during their usual tutoring programme on wednesday. The organising committee had come up with activities that are preview into secondary school subjects. These subjects include Physics, Biology, History etc.

The kids were divided into groups and were rotated around the stations to learn more about the individual subject. I was attached to group two. Being like any other kids, they were very active and were running about all the time. It was a challenge trying to bring them together but can see that every volunteer was trying their best, hoping that the kids get something beneficial at the end of the day. It’s extremely heartening to see some of the kids actively participating in these activities, perservering all the way till they have guessed the correct answer. You can see the frown on their face when they have gotten the answer wrong and the brillant smile when they were rewarded with sweets when they have gotten their answers correct. After this session, I also got to understand my kid more in terms of the subject she likes and her strength.

They did interesting stuff like making of parachute, seeing how iodine changed colour in the presence of starch and the appearance of invisible words after ironing over the soda lime. (forgive me if i got the soda lime wrong:P).

Overall everything proceeded quite smoothly thanks to everyone and the committee especially. I feel it is really a nice break from their usual tutoring activity.

Xinyi 🙂

Hello everyone! This is my first semester joining CSL too! It is a pleasant and enjoyable experience to tutor my kid on every Wednesday. =)

It did not take much time for my kid and me to familiarise with each other. In fact, we can click together quite well. In my first session, I could still remember my kid talking non-stop since the start of the session. At that point of time, I thought to myself, “How on earth is she able to finish all her work within an hour, if she continues talking non-stop?” Haha! However, she is a rather smart girl and could finish her work on time, despite rattling on about anything under the sun. She is just a little easily distracted and talkative. All she need is somebody to guide her along.

My kid never fails to brighten up my day. On one occasion, i was sick and unable to go down for tutoring. On the following week, she still remembered and even asked if I was feeling better. Small actions like that made me feel happy! =) However, the last time when I went for tutoring, she was quite moody. When I probed further, she just replied that she was tired. I realised that she was being ignored by her friends on further observations. It reminded me of my childhood times, when phrases like “I don’t want to friend you anymore!” became the norm. I decided not to probe further (in case she started to ignore me too), and offered her sweets. Surprisingly, she smiled and continued to do her work. What a cute and lovely girl.

I truly enjoyed tutoring at CSL every Wednesday and I believe that future Wednesdays at CSL will be even better. =D