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Hihi everyone!!

I am here to share the experience at the CSL home.This is my first semester volunteering here and i truly enjoyed my weekly trips down there.=) In the first session, i was a bit scared on what to do. I am also afraid that either i will say wrong things in front of the kid or both of us have nothing to say creating an awkward scenario. But i must say i have worried too much.. lol.=p

My kid is a pretty and active girl who is studying sec 1 now. It is sometimes tough to teach her because she is easily distracted during session and starts chatting with us instead of learning. As a result, We never really finsh our work on time most of the times. But the interactive sessions between us also make each session more entertaining and enjoyable.

Just last week, stella and i shared to buy roses for our kids for valentine’s day and their faces light up when they see the roses.(We have all been kids once, and we all love to receive things from people right?) It made me realise that it does not cost a lot to brighten up someone’s life.

At last, i will say i had enjoyed teaching her and spending every wed night with her, helping her as much as i could. These six weeks have indeed been an enriching experience for me.=)



*drumrolls* pardon the not-so-perfect English and crappy blog entry title haha

Heya everyone,
Just to share with you all about the kid I tutor(:

My experience at the children’s home is a particularly challenging and interesting one, which is probably why I enjoy going there every Wednesdays.
My kid is a cute primary 3 kid, who is a year older than his peers, like how the other kids would put it bluntly “he retained one year” Hmm… but in my eyes I feel that my kid is a very smart kid, not exactly the exam-smart kinda smart but JUST smart la. Could it be due to the fact that he’s a left-hander? A smart kid can be very mischievous though. (only Sister Nancy can instil fear in him)

Anyway, my kid’s a challenge cause there’s no telling what he’ll be up to. His interest widely range from collecting flag erasers, solving the rubic cube, playing the recorder, etc. There was one particular tuition session whereby he was a total darling. He was so wonderful, obedient and polite from start to the end of the tuition session-minus the requesting to leave early-. Teaching him ‘ting xie’ was a breeze that day. It made me naively think that he was finally “domestiscated”. Haha but last week he let me know otherwise. But I dont think he could be blamed, maybe he was too sleepy yah….

Despite his naughty antics (hmm, if i were a kid, I will have short attention span too so its normal right?), I still enjoy teaching him and hope he enjoys my company every Wednesday evening. Those occasions when I was late and found him waiting patiently for me or him asking if I was coming for last yr’s Christmas concert were really heartwarming. Eh eh, my kid looks handsome in a tux!

And there’s something I discovered, he likes to give the cheeky grin or a sly small smile when you least expect it!
Until now he still asks for sweets which I find is an innocent and pure gesture of a child. A teenager or an adult will not constantly ask others for sweets right? Hopefully as he grows older, he would not lose this child-like innocence of his(; Aye, but I still think he shouldn’t eat so much candy.


Hi everyone,

Hmm.. Would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for begin very inactive in the CSC activities, but would try to participate actively in future if possible.

Back to the main topic, felt really great to be back at Chen Su Lan to provide tuition service to the kids. Unfortunately, the kid i have been teaching for the past few months had went home, and i was assigned to another new kid.

This newly assigned kid is of no stranger to me as I have taught him a few times before. Presently, he is in Primary 2, though small in size but he was very active and always makes the tuition enjoyable and fun. Teasing and joking are what he is good at, always running around making fun of his friend. If you guys don’t believe you can check with Chris, because my kid and the kid that chris taught are always pickering and making fun of each other. Though, he lacked of concentration, but he was able to stay focus sometimes when it comes to important tasks.

For once, i saw him focusing hard on his work, writing and scribbling something onto his book whereby he just can’t lift his eyes off his work. But come to realised that he was actually vandalising his dictionary. At the same time, it reminded me of my childhood which used to be one of my favourite pastimes -_-ll .

In any case, i always try to put in my best effort to help him and guide him through his work. Though, teaching him could be a great challenge but i hope i would able to bring the best out of him as well as giving him a memorable and eventful experience.


Watch this clip.

In case you don’t get the meaning of the message. It means “Do not kill the children’s creativity”. The boy in the ad is out of the norm. What the adults did is stopping the boy from creating something big and bring him back to the norm… Although they did it out of concern… =)