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We had just celebrated the Mid-Autumn Fesitval with the kids at Chen Su Lan. Wow, the whole night is noisy, messy, crazy and FUN!

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the volunteers who participated and made this celebration happened. I must thank Xiu xuan, Hui Ting, Joachim, Nicholas, Priscilla, Amelia, Adam, Stella, Ting Ting and Grace who came earlier to prepare the goodie bags and rearranged the tables. Luckily, Chuan Wee is there to help us co-ordinate too. Then, I would like to thank Brillyn, Yong Sheng, Sherlyan, Hui Ling,Choo Yan, Victor, Amanda, Zun Zin, Iswadi and Jason who came later to help us up. They are very strong reinforcement leh.. Hahaha. Thanks also to Wen Bin, Jing Fen, Gim Hong from the CSC MC who came down to help us too! Wow. So many people to thank and I actually lost count. Those who I didn’t thank here, I am sorry. I will find out your names asap and update here again. However… Thank you Thank you Thank you! Thanks for all your help!

I have learnt alot from this mid-autumn festival celebration. I would also take this opportunity to share the learning lessons with everyone.

Well, I understand the whole event is CHAOTIC! I believe some volunteers got a shock because all the kids are running around, throwing things and shouting. The whole place is almost out of control… It is totally different from our normal tuition sessions. However, despite the fact that the whole event is messy, we are sure the kids enjoy themselves. Our objective is to make them happy… isn’t it? Well, I think we did it 🙂

Next, I am so happy to witness volunteers helping one another. We are not there just to help the children but also lend our helping hand to whoever needs it, including our peers. That’s the spirit of volunteerism!

As usual, there is always room for improvements. Firstly, preparation work should be completed earlier and not on the spot. Secondly, we must learn to control the kids better. Well, controlling the kids is what we lack of seriously…

So now, what is our next step? We must rectify our problems. I believe all volunteers helping in Chen Su Lan should learn to control the kids better. Furthermore, we must learn to control them in normal tuition sessions too.

Finally, A big thank you to everyone again and we must continue to work hard to be a good role model for the kids. The kids’ exams are coming soon. Hence, Let’s keep it up!

Alright. If you are reading this entry, please give me some time to edit this post. I will do it asap.