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Last week on 16th July 2008, there was a special event at Chen Su Lan. It was the opening ceremony of Chen Su Lan’s courtesy month campaign. In addition to this significant event, it was also the day we began our first tuition session with the children after our long summer vacations.

In the courtesy month event, some volunteers made an extra effort to reach Chen Su Lan earlier to rehearse and prepare a skit for the children. Although everyone participated at the last minute, the skit went on successfully. In our skit, we acted out some examples of impoliteness and we invited some children to come on stage to act out the positive attitude towards different situations. Before we end the event, there was a sing-along session with all the children. The song we sang was “Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell. One important thing to mention is that, our talented Jian Cong brought his own guitar and led the crowd to sing. Personally, I like the song a lot and I will try to embed the song into this blog.

When the event finally end, we proceeded to the hall to start the tuition session with the children. I am happy to say that we had some new volunteers joining us on that day. By the way, these new volunteers also helped us in the skit. The new volunteers were introduced to some of the children and everything proceeded smoothly. One of the new volunteers was even teaching two kids at the same time.

After the tuition session, we had a short debrief to annouce some important updates and share some feedbacks. However, that was not the end, some of us still went on to Ang Mo Kio for supper where we continued to stay there to chit-chat.

Although this is the first session for this semester, I believe the tuition sessions in the future will be just as fun as this one. I hope by then, there will be even more friends joining us. 🙂

Take Care and have a nice day. 🙂