NUS CSC: Chen Su Lan

Thank you for your continued support this year!!

Hope you have had a super year thus far=D

There will not be any tuition the following week, 17th Feb=)

Enjoy your CNY and collect lots of  ang pows!

Of cos most importantly, if you do play mahjong…

HUAT ar!!

Hope to see you the week after next and Have a rocking tiger year!!



Hi everyone:D.

I volunteered to write the blog entry for last week’s visit because I have gained a different perspective about tutoring the kid in CSL since the new year.

When I first joined CSL, I thought that my main aim was to interact with the kids and befriend with them. Teaching does not occur to be the priority to me. As a result of my “over-friendliness”, my kid didn’t do her work properly despite my repeated reminders. It was Jiejie Nancy’s briefing a few weeks ago that made me realize that my job should be to make sure that my kid really learn something from the tuition.

So I decided to be stricter with my kid and make her concentrate when she was about to talk about other staff or walk around to find other kids to play with during the 1-h tuition . Though I can see that she wasn’t very happy about it, both of us felt a slight sense of achievement at the end of the tuition session. I am sure we are going to improve further in future visits.

I do admit that sometimes the long travelling time to CSL “intimidates” me a little (I am staying in campus) especially after a long day of school. But I believe that everything that was started should be ended properly(有始有终in Chinese:D). I am responsible for my kid so there is no excuse for me to not going for visits without valid reason. Plus, it really warms my heart when my kid  cries out “oh my volunteer is here!” every time I go to CSL.

Hope everyone else is having a great time with CSL:D


Guo Si

A new term has started, and I am glad to say welcome back to all children in the home and students in CSL.

When I stepped into the hall in the first tutoring session, I first thing I saw was my tutee running towards me, holding my hands and walked together to the table, while telling me that she missed me a lot during the holidays. During that moment, I felt not only I warned her heart by being her tutor, her volunteer, but also she warmed my heart so much at the same time. Although she did not really like to study, did not really listen to me sometimes, I felt that whatever I have done for her is worth for it, to both of her and me.

When I met her in my first tutoring session in CSL, she told me that she was new in the home. She was very defensive, kept herself in her own world, did not talk to any other child there, even did not talk to me no matter how hard I have tried to console her, to catch her attention. However, now, I am very pleased to see her playing with friends although it was during tutoring time, shared with us the interesting things happened around her, shared her happiness and sadness.

I am looking forward of even greater changes in her in this semester. Hope she would enjoy herself in the home, in school and even with me during the tutoring time every week.

-Yan Hao-

Hi guys! I’m back and staying for good!~ XD

Well, let me start my not-so-sabohed-post with this. This is my second week back in Singapore and I noticed many things had changed since the 5 months I wasn’t around. Science Faculty had a new dentistry building, YIH looks different and even the colour of my block changed. But one thing remained the same; that is my kid at CSL. Well, her hair did grow longer, besides that, everything about her was pretty much the same as before I left on my SEP. And today, on my way to CSL, I was still wondering if my kid remembers who I am. I mean, I was gone for 5 months and I don’t think she’s that good at remembering names of people. The first few times we met, she kept forgetting my name and who I was. However, today, when her sister saw me, she immediately recognised who I was and even called out my name. I was really happy! After that, when I was done with the tutoring, I went down to the canteen and saw my kid. The wide smile on her face when she saw me more than enough tells me that she remembers me. 😀 I must confess, it really feels good to be back in CSL again, teaching her or any other kid. Though, CSL is really far away from where I stay, the endearing kids all but makes up for it. XD

-Hui Ling-


Another new year, another fulfilling year ahead with our CSL kids=D Anyway in case you are somehow not informed yet, our tutoring programme has already started, so if possible please make your way down to join us! And o yes, blog posts by our tutors will start soon too, so if you wanna contribute please inform any of the committee members=)

The latest newsletter from CSL is up too, read it @ your leisure @:

P.S. After hours of fiddling with wordpress, I realised that this blog skin CANNOT be changed to a customised one! So looks like we are stuck with this skin, please bear with it for the time being!

Interested to bring the joy of christmas to the kids @ CSL??


——Contact Adeline now to reserve a slot for yourself!——

Details as follows:

Date: 11 Dec 2009

venue: CSL home

Cya there!

As Jerome has writen in his post below, CSL mentoring has ENDED officially for this sem!!

Just a word of thanks to all:

Thank you

~Thank YOu everyone for putting in your time and effort to tutor the kids. We really hope you’ve enjoyed it all, and hopefully your efforts have really made a difference in their lives=)~

On a side note:

I think the last 2 sessions were pretty disappointing for alot of us, cos alot of our kids were not there. Well, after all… who wants to study and face a bunch of boring Kor Kors and Zair Zairs after the exams??

BUT fret not, cos we will still get to play with them during our annual christmasCHRISTMAS celebrations!! yep!! Details will be annouced soon via this blog and via sms, so stay tuned!

And Oh yes, Good Luck for your exams and get lots of As!!=D


P.S. I know the blog looks rather plain and stuff, but no worries, I’ll try to revamp it when my exams are over!